There are still pieces of glass on Greene Avenue in Ridgewood, remnants from a car break-in early-Tuesday morning.

Surveillance video shows a four-door sedan pulling up before the driver hops out and approaches a black 2017 Toyota Camry parked across the street. He smashes the back window and opens the door but leaves without taking anything.

But it's not an isolated incident.

"Right now, we're looking at approximately 57 vehicles that were affected," said NYPD Detective Louis Lodato.

Lodato is investigating the series of break-ins for the 104th Precinct Detective Squad. He said that since December 23, 57 cars have been broken into in the Ridgewood area.

He said the vehicles are being targeted because of their Taxi & Limousine Commission plates.

"Right now, the common denominator is that they're all taxis — either Uber drivers or TLCs," said Lodato.

NY1 spoke to one taxi driver, who, out of fear of retaliation, asked we conceal his identity. He said his car was broken into Thursday.

"They didn't steal anything, but they were — it looked like they were looking for something," the taxi driver said.

Detective Lodato said that, in some of the incidents, items were stolen from the cars, making those cases grand larcenies.

"An Apple product, a majority were credit cards left inside of the vehicle," said Lodato.

The taxi driver who did not want to be identified said his auto body shop can't keep up with all of the repairs, so he's still waiting for his car window to be fixed, which means he's out of work.

"It's really hard. It's been almost like two days I haven't worked," he said. 

Detective Lodato said most of the victims live in the area and park their cars near their homes. He said they're feeling targeted.

He urges that anyone who recognizes the car or suspect come forward.

"They have to take their car out of service, which is less business for them to make," said Lodato.

Anyone with information for police is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-8477.

All calls are anonymous, and there is a cash reward if it leads to an arrest and indictment.​