Uproar over one retailer's decision to cover up a colorful mural in Harlem seems to have paid off.

Maira Liriano started an online petition about 2 weeks ago after learning that the opening of a new Foot Action at 125th and Frederick Douglass Blvd also led to a change in the look of the building.

A colorful mosaic, known as the “Spirit of Harlem", used to grace the side of the building but is now covered with black bricks.

The piece was created more than a decade ago by an African America artist.

Now, opposition to the move appears to have elicited a change of heart by Foot Action's parent company Foot Locker, Inc.

Tracy Royal the Vice President of Communications and Events for Foot Locker, Inc. said, “We are in the process of getting the permits needed to take the wall down".      

Officials at the city's department of buildings to said, on Monday, that they had yet to receive any application for permission to remove any part of the new façade.