A Brooklyn-based artist says he was the one that put up a tombstone with Donald Trump's name in Central Park. And as he told reporter Lori Chung, he did so with a purpose.

"You look at him and you try to figure out what would resonate the most with him," said artist Brian Whiteley.

Whiteley says that's the first thing he asked himself about Donald Trump. A question that ultimately led the artist to place this tombstone in central park on Easter Sunday.

"What I call the legacy stone, which I remind you about what you're leaving behind to people behind you, your epitaph," he said.

City park workers removed the grave marker from the Sheep Meadow section of the park almost as soon as passersby began to notice the stone with the inscription "Made America Hate Again."  The Brooklyn artist says it is a response to some of the Republican presidential candidate's early controversial comments on the trail.

"Donald Trump started speaking about Mexican immigrants as being rapists," he said. "I realize this is probably the most poetic and most symbolic and most real way that Donald can look at himself."

Since the tombstone, Trump has become the presumptive Republican nominee.  Speaking to people around the park Tuesday night, many were split on the point of it.

"The artist is very creative, I love it he came up with that very creative idea," said one woman.

"I think Donald Trump just speaks you cannot stop him he just says things," said another.

"I still don't think it's appropriate," said one man. "I don't think it should have been done, it's kind of insulting and just wrong to do"

Whiteley's Instagram page now bears a picture of the stone that grabbed so much attention.  He says he left the death date open ended because there is still time for change.

"The violence at some of the campaigns that are happening in the Republican party need to be addressed, need to happen now because it's a slippery slope," the artist said.

Speaking of the tombstone, city parks officials say the unauthorized placement of such an object is against park rules and regulations. While, secret service is now conducting its own follow up investigation on this.