A French high-wire artist came back to the city to celebrate the movie based on his famous stunt.

Philippe Petit gained fame after tightroping between the towers of the World Trade Center back in August 1974.

He visited the top of the Empire State Building to celebrate the new movie "The Walk," which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Petit talked about what the new film meant to him.

"They are catching the essence of my adventure, which is basically a fairy tale. It's a kid who fell in love with twp towers, who learned by himself to walk on the wire, and then at the end, I don't know how he succeeds," Petit said. "So this is a true story, but it is also a fairy tale, and it's a love story. The love of a little artist with two amazing towers. So what I think people get out of that is the inspiration to follow their own dreams."

"The Walk" opens in theaters on Friday.