The wintry weather, and the salt that comes with it, caused a section of Chelsea to be closed off Wednesday.

Officials responded to a manhole fire on 23rd Street Wednesday evening.

Crews blocked off the street between Seventh and Eighth avenues to help control the flames and smoke.

Police say there were no reported injuries. 

"It sounded like there was explosions of some kind," said one witness. "It kept going off, and it would stop and start again and stop and start again."

"It's like, I guess a domino effect," said another. "I didn't think about manholes and how it would affect that sort of thing, but as far as the potholes and stuff on the street, you know, it's pretty bad."

Manhole fires are common this time of year.

They're caused when the salt used to treat roads mixes with melting snow, damaging underground electrical wiring.