Shooting pool in school is cool at one Manhattan High School thanks to a generous donation.

At Cathedral High School, the Billiards Club received a brand new pool table courtesy of Blatt Billiards NYC.

Previously, the club had to travel to outside pool halls in order to practice their skills.

Club organizers and members say it's about more than just learning the game.

"It's all geometry, and it's all hand-eye coordination as well, things like that. We also try to make it life lessons for things, like to be able to see things from different angles for example, there's not just one way to attack a problem," said Michael Muldoon, Cathedral High School's Billiard Club Moderator.

"I love pool, so obviously I'll be able to carry this with me throughout college, and it's just amazing," said Chamylah General, a Billiard Club Member.

The billiards club at Cathedral High School has been active for over 13 years.