A third child has died of the flu in New York City.

The Health Department is not releasing details, but is using the news to remind you to get your flu shot.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control has released some new information on the nationwide flu epidemic.

Officials say hospitalizations are at their highest level in a decade and the flu season shows no signs of letting up.

The number of pediatric deaths has jumped by 10 to 63. It is not known if that number includes this latest death in the city.  

Officials add about half of those kids had no prior health issues.  

The CDC says the dominant flu strain, H3N2, has been linked to the more severe illness, and they are trying to figure out why. It is most resistant of the vaccine, but they say it remains the best defense against the flu in general. 

Federal health officials say there is no shortage of the shot or the antiviral drugs needed to fight the flu. You may just have to call around to find a pharmacy that has it.