The man accused of setting a fire in a Hamilton Heights apartment building pleads not guilty to arson and reckless endangerment.

34-year-od Jelani Parker lived in that building with his parents.

Prosecutors say he doused a room in his apartment with gasoline and set it on fire back on November 17.

They say they have video evidence proving Parker did it intentionally.

The fire raced up the six-story apartment building, destroying the top two floors.

Parker allegedly fled to North Carolina and then to Los Angeles —  where he was arrested after a traffic stop.

He was then sent back to the city.

Parker intends to fight the case.

"We do not believe the prosecution’s case is as strong as they made out," said defense attorney Xavier Donaldson. "We like to prepare ourselves for these possible bail application before we do them and in do time will make a good one"

Three firefighters were injured in the blaze and about 150 people were displaced.

Parker is being held without bail.