The city that never sleeps is the city that is strong – and that is forever.

A new campaign titled "New York Forever" was unveiled Thursday. The initiative is the brainchild of PR expert Risa Heller and her colleague Jonathan Rosen.

What You Need To Know

  • NY Forever campaign aims to link New Yorkers directly to not-for-profits to help rebuild communities

  • Stars like Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Billy Porter, Gleyber Torres and more have made videos urging New Yorkers to join the campaign

  • Go to to take the pledge to rebuild NYC

"We sort of saw a lot of headlines about people fleeing and how New York was dying and we thought someone's got to stick up for the city," said Heller. "What is going on?"

Heller and her team are committed to getting at least half a million city residents involved with building up communities throughout the five boroughs – and that starts with an online pledge.

"The mission of the group is really sort of two-fold. At a base level, yes, it's to cheerlead for New York because New York needs some cheerleading. But it's also to get people, everyday New Yorkers from all parts of the city, engaged in New York's recovery," said Heller.

Once you pledge, the organization will connect you with neighborhood leaders and not-for-profits, including New York Cares, Citizens Committee for New York City, and groups working to support out-of-work restaurant employees.

NY Forever is partnering with well-known city personalities to help spread the word including Jerry Seinfeld, our very own Pat Kiernan, and Broadway favorite Nikki M. James.

"If you're not ready to be here for the next version of New York, fine. Like, I don't want anyone who doesn't want to be here to be here. But if you really believe that the best is in front of us, then I'm for you and I think you should get involved," said James.

To take the NY Forever pledge just go to, click on "pledge," fill out some personal info and bam - you’ve got a new picture to post on social media, and a new mission to take part in New York's recovery.