After seven decades of being in the same location a Brooklyn cultural staple is expanding.

Sahadi's Market is opening another location inside Industry City in Sunset Park. The family owned Middle Eastern market has been on Atlantic Avenue since 1948.  The owners say that they want to make the new location a place for people to hang out and enjoy their time at the market.  Vice President of the company, Christine Sahadi Whelan says the way the current store was set up makes it hard to experience the full effect of everything the business has to offer.  "Here it's very difficult to see anything on the back end because of the architectural challenges of the buildig. Over there space will be open, kitchen will be open, people will be watching us make granola, and they'll be part of the experience."

The new location is expected to open later this year. For regulars, there's no need to fret.  Visitors will still be greeted by the tantalizing aroma of fresh spices and Mediterranean cooking when they walk through the door.