A city councilman wants more power when it comes to controversial statues throughout the five boroughs.

Queens City Councilman Eric Ulrich is slated to introduce new legislation Tuesday that would require a majority vote from the council before any monument on city property can be removed.

"This is no different than how we name streets, than how we name or rename bridges in this city — the city council already plays a role in that process," Ulrich said at a press conference outside City Hall. "So as far as from a good government perspective, this really should be a no-brainer."

Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio launched a commission to evaluate what some call "symbols of hate" in the city.

That panel is expected to deliver its recommendations next month.

Ulrich's office said the bill is a response to de Blasio's "quest to tear down" the Christopher Columbus statue in Columbus Circle. De Blasio, however, has refused to say whether statues of Columbus need to go.

City Councilmen Steven Matteo, Joe Borelli, and Paul Vallone are co-sponsoring the legislation with Ulrich.