State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs on Tuesday urged Democrats to allow a sexual harassment investigation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo now in the hands of Attorney General Letitia James to proceed as Democratic officials around New York have called for the governor's resignation.

"I urge all Democrats to unite in our determination to allow the Attorney General's investigation to do the work we have called for, and then to do what is right, whatever the outcome," Jacobs said. "In the meantime, our state has a budget to complete, a pandemic to fight and the people's work must continue."

Multiple Democrats at the local, state, and federal levels have called for Cuomo to step aside in a widening sexual harassment scandal after a third woman on Monday said Cuomo behaved inappropriately to her at a wedding in 2019.

Cuomo has denied doing anything inapproriate and on Monday referred the investigation to James, who will appoint an outside counsel to investigate the case. 

Jacobs, meanwhile, knocked calls from Republicans for Cuomo to resign or face impeachment, pointing to allegations by women against former President Donald Trump.

"I contrast that with the calls from our Republican colleagues who, in the face of more than two dozen accusations from women against the head of their party, Donald Trump, sat in silence for more than five years - with not even a peep to be heard from any of them," Jacobs sadi. "While they may have just now discovered their moral compass, Republican leaders have absolutely no standing whatsoever to share their opinion on the current matter."