At the Park Slope Armory YMCA, folks are working out, including Eli Levin, who says in the New Year, he would like to make more appearances here.

"I always want to get to the gym more, I don't always succeed, but I try. New Years is as good as a time as any to make a fresh start," said Levin.

For those of us who aren't regular gym visitors and hope to get in better physical condition in 2020, Yoga Instructor Anna Vomacka says it's important to start the New Year with realistic fitness goals.

"I think it's important to start slow with everything, get to know your physical alignment," said Vomacka.

"You can soften your chest, and look out the window so your eyes are at eye level,” said Vomacka.

Since I need serious help with flexibility and strengthening of muscles, I decided to give Yoga a try, typically my workout routine pretty much consists of walking Vomacka says Yoga covers all the bases for me, as opposed to diving into lifting weights.  

"You are using your own body weight, so you are not putting extra physical weight on yourself but you are learning how to carry your own body weight and move your body through space, much like dance," said Vomacka.

Roger was initially a little intimidated by trying some of these different poses, but after a while, he could totally see how this could make himself more flexible, stronger, and in the long run avoid some of the nagging injuries I tend to get when I play sports.

"I gotta buy some blocks," Roger said.

And sometimes just breathing is a helpful way to deal with the stresses of life in the city.

"Yoga, you’re moving your weight through your hands and your feet, changing different levels and positions, and so, also as well as strengthening the body you are strengthening your mind and your breath, and you are integrating your whole body system together," said Vomacka.

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