Standing in unity with neighbors, some Brooklyn Heights residents said Wednesday that the pain of the September 11th attacks was like an open wound.

"After 18 years on this particular day, it just all comes back," said Joy Rodriguez.

People gathered before sundown for an interfaith vigil at the Brooklyn Promenade, where each stone that attendees placed in a bowl represented a prayer for healing.

"I feel we all need to work to make the world a more beautiful place," said Linda Moses, who attended the vigil.

Each year, the promenade transforms into a destination for reflection.

"I was at Varick Street and Church Street and I saw the second plane go in," one man said.

"I was here on the promenade on September 11th," Rodriguez said. "I think of all the first responders who passed away, and also those who are still suffering after 18 years from their illnesses."

The view of the Tribute in Light, viewable from the promenade, served as an annual reminder of the towers that were lost, along with thousands of innocent lives.

"It's symbolic, so every year we do celebrate it," Darone Wilson said.

"I come here every year. I find it very moving, it's peaceful, and I try to think about everybody who's not here because of what happened that day," Daniel Interdonati.

Interdonati said the view brought up emotions of a harrowing day for his family.

"My father's a retired New York City firefighter, and I remember that day very well," Interdonati said. "We didn't hear from my father all day."

Fortunately, his dad came home. But people gathered for the vigil thought about those who weren't so lucky, and found comfort in each other.

"I just took a moment to kind of stand and look and reflect," Stephanie Paterik said. "I think the best thing about this day is that we can come together as neighbors."

The annual Tribute in Light is viewable until dawn. The two beams meant to represent the Twin Towers can be seen for miles.

The tribute debuted six months after the terror attacks, in March of 2002, and has continued on every September 11th since.