Some dogs may have joint and bone pain. Some may have heart and stomach problems. Others may have anxiety issues. Now a Brooklyn company called Pet-Ness has developed a line of cannabidiol products for dogs to help alleviate those symptoms.

"What we found is with CBD, it was an all-natural treatment that had very little side effects," said Pet-Ness Brand Director Jeremy Feldman. "When given to dogs, it really helped them overcome a lot of issues."

They come in bite-sized vegan treats, both hard and soft chew. There's CALM, made with hemp protein and chamomile to ease stress; MOBILITY, with 4 milligrams of hemp CBD and willow bark among its ingredients for aches and pains; THRIVE, hemp-infused with rosemary and ginger root to boost the immune system; and HAPPY, a mood enhancer.

"These are actually pumpkin, sweet potato, and these are fabulous treats for an everyday training treat to give your dog anytime he needs an extra boost of hemp CBD," Feldman said, holding a packet of HAPPY.

The hemp is grown in Colorado and formulated in Illinois before it arrives in Brooklyn.

"What's unique about Pet-Ness is how we combined the CBD, the organically grown hemp, with other botanicals to enhance the effect of both," Pet-Ness Managing Director David Nichols said.

The New York State Veterinary Medical Society says there is "no known scientifically-proven therapeutic uses for cannabinoids in companion animals." Still, the product line, which launched this month, also offers a tincture oil for dogs and cats.

"We find that certainly for cats — who are a little more finicky than the dogs who will eat a treat — this works better for cats," Nichols said. "It can also be mixed in with food very easily."

Pet-Ness items are sold at Green Pup in Gowanus and about a dozen other independent stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan. They're also offered online.

The company says its goal is to get its products into nationwide retailers.