Tri State Sun Control donated and installed a protective window film at the Chabad of Bushwick Wednesday. Police say back in February two people threw an unknown object through the front windows of the synagogue while a religious ceremony was taking place. Luckily no one was injured, but the vandalism left the community on edge. The newly installed film and adhesive will act as additional safety measure in the event of another incident.

"In the event of an explosion or any type of severe impact the adhesive will hold the window together the window will become like a bubble and wont shatter," said Tri-State Sun Control Representive Joseph Fiscella.

"Just to know we have this protection, the glass could have came in and hit one of the kids god forbid and this is going to protect them, it makes us feel safer in here," said the Rabbi of the Chabadof Bushwick, Menachem Heller. 

The newly installed window film and adhesive will not only act as a safety barrier, it has some other benefits too.

According to Tri State Sun Control, the film will help cut energy costs, since it is designed to maintain the temperature inside of the synagogue. Police say so far no arrests have been made.