In Brooklyn, a community group and city council candidates are advocating for the city to adopt new voting methods.

The Brooklyn Voters Alliance and contenders for the 45th District City Council seat rallied in East Flatbush Friday urging the city's Council Charter Commission to recommend a Ranked Choice Voting system.

That means, instead of voting for one candidate on the ballot

The proposed system would allow voters to rank their top five choices instead of voting for just on candidate on the ballot. The candidate with the majority first place ranking would win the election. 

"We have extremely low voter turn out in the city, and in the state, and we feel that doesn't necessarily mean that all of the people who we elect are actually working in our best interest," said Julie Kerr of the Brooklyn Voters Alliance.

According to a 2017 briefing by the National Conference of State Legislatures, ten cities and the state of Maine use ranked choice voting for municipal elections.