A Brooklyn neighborhood popularly known as "Little Pakistan" is honoring a beloved figure in the South Asian country's history.  

The corner of Coney Island and Foster Avenue has just been co-named Muhammad Ali Jinnah Way . Ali Jinnah led the Pakistani independence movement and served as one of the country's first leaders.  

Hundreds signed a petition to get the street co-named - and just as many turned out for the ceremony.

Those who were there say it honors all of contributions Pakistani-Americans have made to the vibrant community.  Among those who attended, Jumaane Williams (D) City Council - Brooklyn says  "in an age where we are gentrifying everywhere, these kind of demarcations become even more important, to keep the cultural identity, to keep the heritage of who these communities are and as we are building a Little Pakistan, it is exciting."

The community is still working towards getting the city to officially recognize the area surrounding the co-named intersection as "Little Pakistan."