BROOKLYN, N.Y. - A truck got towed at the intersection of 10th Avenue and 82nd Street after a collision Wednesday afternoon. Crashes in Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge next door are keeping officers in the 68th Precinct busy. There were 17 crashes just on Monday alone.

“Just the wild west on some of the local roadways. People speeding. Not adhering to the rules of the road," said Josephine Beckmann, District Manager of Community Board 10.

One of Monday's crashes occurred at 11th Avenue and 74th Street, a four-way stop where drivers often are confused about when to yield to each other. Another took place here on Colonial Road and 74th Street.

No one died in the 17 collisions Monday, but three people were injured.

“It’s one disaster away from being a real tragedy," said City Councilman Justin Brennan.

City Councilman Justin Brannan says he’s planning to hold a street safety town hall in his district and is inviting the Department of Transportation as well as other city agencies to hear out residents.

Brannan said, “We need more traffic enforcement. I’m not talking about writing parking tickets. I’m talking about writing summonses for people who blow through stop signs at seven o’clock in the morning by a school.”

Beckmann says she just created a street safety subcommittee of the local community board.

“If you look at our statistics for a last fiscal year the total number of accidents exceeds that of both the borough-wide and the citywide average and that is a concern here for us," Beckmann said.

The 68th Precinct, which includes Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, had 3,312 in the year that ended June 30 which is 400 more than the average number of collisions in the borough's other precincts. Residents here say they’re not surprised by the numbers.

“It’s a lot of speeding and a lot of reckless driving," said one resident.

“Everywhere you drive you have to slow down when you come to the avenue or to the street," said another.

They add drivers and all the people they share the road with need to be more aware of their surroundings. The community board 10 street safety subcommittee will meet monthly.