NEW YORK - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will hold an "emergency" public meeting Tuesday to consider Governor Andrew Cuomo's alternate plan for the "L" train tunnel reconstruction.

The original plan called for shutting down the "L" train between Manhattan and Brooklyn for 15 months so repairs could be made to the Canarsie Tunnel.

Earlier this month, the governor announced engineers had developed a new plan that would allow the work to be done at night and on weekends, so the entire line could keep running.

The consulting firm WSP will present the plan, recommending the MTA board pursue the modified plan as a better alternative.

The meeting announcement caught some board members by surprise.

Veronica Vanterpool says the board was only informed about 30 minutes before the press release was sent out.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio is responding to the Cuomo administration's suggestion that the city should put more money toward subway repairs.

When asked about a statement by Robert Mooheeka, who is Governor Cuomo's budget director, the mayor said, "If anyone thinks that money can be found in the city budget they may be smoking marijuana."

Mooheeka renewed Cuomo's call for congestion pricing as a way to raise money to fix the transit system.

But he said the city and state should split any funding shortfall 50/50.

The mayor says the city is already spending enough money on its own needs like housing and schools.

"We don't have money to also fund a subway system that should be the responsibility of the State, and is the responsibility of State, and that needs its own separate revenue stream anyway," De Blasio said.

Mooheeka also suggested that Cuomo should be able to appoint a majority of MTA board members, have full veto power over the agency's budget, and be able to hire and fire at will.