Two jokesters are using humor to turn things in the subway into works of "art".

The pair, who has chosen to remain anonymous at this time, identifies themselves as two art college students living in NYC.

In recent days the two have started placing fake museum art display cards around the Bedford Avenue subway station in Brooklyn.

Much like the display cards in museums, the fake display cards also have a title and a brief explanation of the piece.

The difference with the fake display cards is that they’re meant to be funny.

The cards' creators said they came up with the idea "because people in NYC think that MTA is so out-of-date, dirty, old, decrepit and not renovated".

They said they wanted to highlight this by turning the subway into a form of a museum that is fun and humorous.

In addition to placing the display cards throughout the station, they've also posted pictures of them on Instagram under the name "MTA Museum".

People have taken to social media to comment on the display cards.

The creators said, "It was great to see people’s reaction to the cards as we expected, and we also liked how New Yorkers feel related to the cards. We will keep posting more various cards in different stations."

They said that people have also recommended other stations to them and that they plan to visit those stations as well.

The duo said they are actually "big fans of MTA" and that the cards were never intended to be against MTA.

"We are doing this project to let people have a smile on their faces while they’re commuting with MTA. We hope MTA staffs also like our project and don’t be mad at us," they said. 
They said that over the weekend they expanded to the West 4th Street and 14th Street stations over the weekend and that they are planning to post more cards soon.