If it wasn't for the view of the Manhattan skyline, people in the stands Saturday would not have even realized they were in Red Hook.

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal parking lot has been transformed into a massive race track for the second annual Qatar Airways New York City E-Prix. Yes, electric race cars that can clock in close to 150 miles per hour.

"We are a green racing series. We are the only ones that can really claim that," Formula E advisor Mike Hopper said. "We just received our international certification not only for the racing, but the entire event footprint is sustainable and green by international standards”

The track is nearly 1.5 miles long, and there's also a large futuristic e-village for racing enthusiasts to take part in virtual reality racing and more.



"I think it's a good opportunity for kids, adults, everyone to try and do what the real drivers do on the track," one racing fan said after checking out the virtual reality. "I think that’s a really good way to get them to know what it's like."

The two-day event is the end of a seven-month Formula E championship season that spans ten other cities and five continents.

"I always watch it on TV because it's always elsewhere, so I'm very excited to be here to see it live," a Formula E fan said.

The race was first held in Brooklyn last year, and organizers said the borough was a perfect pick.

"Red Hook, Brooklyn is not only a great place for a backdrop of a race, but the community has been fantastic. They come, they've all got passes to come and see the e-village and see these cars on track," Hopper said. "We've had drivers do school visits and we're making sure that they are as excited about it as we are to be here."

Formula E representatives anticipate roughly 40,000 paying customers but also gave out 1,000 free tickets to local organizations like the Red Hook Library, the Brooklyn borough president's office, and community centers.

Plus, local businesses took part, including food trucks, printing companies providing gear, and storefronts hosting parties.

"I have a business to make money and survive in hard times, stuff like that," said Adel-Adel, the manager of a food truck, Gorilla Cheese NYC. "It's a great sport here and people love it around the world and they love New York City."

The races are scheduled to wrap up Sunday afternoon with this year's Formula E championship. The next season is slated to pick up in December.