Following the fatal hit-and-run of a four-year-old girl last month, the city buildings department has ordered the closure of an illegal Brooklyn parking lot.

The agency issued an order Friday evening for a parking lot at 82 Wyckoff Ave. in Bushwick.

The order requires the building owner remove all vehicles and parking stripes from the lot and install barricades to prevent vehicles from the entering the space.

The buildings department said it is working closely with the NYPD and other agencies to ensure the property owner compiles with the order.

Buildings department officials said the city received several complaints to shut down the lot.


Luz Gonzalez was pronounced dead June 24 after an SUV struck her while she was on the sidewalk while the car was pulling out of the parking lot outside the laundromat, the NYPD said.

Surveillance video showed the girl losing her shoe while riding a scooter on the sidewalk, which is directly connected to the lot, and her mother bending to pick it up. That is when the SUV hit them both.

Police stopped the driver two blocks away. No charges have been filed. The driver told investigators she did not see the child. Police said no criminality is suspected in the case.

Neighbors told NY1 the move to shut down the lot should have happened sooner, as it was a tragedy waiting to happen.

"I always thought that something might happen one day," one man said.

Neighbors pointed out a man they said has owned the laundromat for more than ten years, but he would not answer our questions.

The Bushwick community, meanwhile, gathered for a vigil and protest, calling for justice for Luz.

"She should be held responsible and pressed with charges, because she killed somebody and left," one man said about the driver.