The party is not completely over for some so-called booze cruises, even though the city is kicking them out of Sheepshead Bay.

Three of the six charter boats docked along Emmons Avenue are being relocated to Mill Basin. 

The infamous "booze cruises" have had a rocky relationship with nearby residents and businesses.

For years they have complained about noise, parking nightmares, trash and fights.

The decision to re-locate them is not sitting well with business owners and elected leaders in Mill Basin.

They say the decision came out of nowhere.

"I think it was a pure ambush on the Mayor's behalf because no one in our district was notified of this," said State Assemlywoman Jaime Williams. 

"Obviously you can see what we're looking at. This place is not ready for us to be here. So they promise and promise and promise. But May first is next Tuesday," said Daniel Lind, a boat owner.

Critics say the area behind King's Plaza is too close to residential homes and currently lacks bathrooms, electricity and sewage. 

There was also no ecological impact study done prior to the decision.