A newborn baby boy was found in a garbage can inside a park in Queens on Saturday morning, according to the city police department.

Sources said a woman walking in Dutch Kills Park in Astoria found the baby around 10:48 a.m.

The baby was found unconscious and unresponsive, police said. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Sunday that the baby appeared healthy with no deformities or external trauma.

First responders transported the baby to Elmhurst Hospital, but he did not survive.

One witness said he found the baby in a plastic bag. "So I thought I'd look and see for myself, and as soon as I went in I saw the baby right there," a man said. "She had to use a stick to take off the bag handles from its face because I couldn't tell if it was still breathing or if it was dead."

Two other people at the location were taken to Elmhurst Hospital after first responders responded to a 911 call of a heart attack or a respiratory attack, according to the city fire department. Their conditions are not known at this time.

New York State recognizes the Abandoned Infant Protection Act, which allows a parent to abandon a newborn baby up to 30 days of age anonymously and without fear of prosecution — if the baby is abandoned in a safe manner, such as at a police or fire station.

"New York's Safe Haven Law allows a parent to leave a child thirty days or younger with an appropriate person or in a suitable location, such as a hospital, police station, firehouse or church where the parent promptly notifies an appropriate person of the child's location. Unfortunately, the mother of this baby did not adhere to the law and instead chose to stuff the infant in a bag and discard him in a garbage can," the Queens district attorney said in a statement.

The city's medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death.