A Brooklyn landlord is accused of performing illegal construction to force low-rent tenants to leave.

One long-time Williamsburg tenant says his building at 272 Stagg Street has been undergoing renovations since November, when the building got new ownership.

Tenants have not had gas to cook with since February 2, when the Buildings Department ordered it turned off because of improper piping.

A week later, inspectors issued a stop work order, in part because construction went beyong the city's permit. 

This is one of dozens of cases in Brooklyn housing court involving tenants who claim property owners are using "construction harassment" to move them out.

"I want to live here. Stop harassing us, not bothering us. I want to live in peace, live a normal life," said one tenant.

A spokesman for the landlord denies the allegations and says tenants were provided electric stovetops while the gas pipes were being repaired. 

City officials say the landlord has been repeatedly written up for violations and that they will monitor the site.