A field trip on Staten Island Tuesday gave kids a lesson in Anti Bullying, all mixed with a bit of fun.

First through fifth grade students from P.S. 21 visited the NYC Arts Cypher - a non profit art organization in Stapleton to be trained in an Anti-Bully Program called Project H.E.R.O.

The students created a super hero character based off themselves that an artist then drew for them.

The idea is to teach them to literally build character.

"It's so important to be proactive, and not reactive, reactive is too late, so with this program we're engaging the kids, we're getting inside their psyche, we're finding out what their expressive side is and we're staying with them, we're getting to know them and we're helping them avoid issues of bullying," said NYC Arts Cypher Founder Charlie Balducci.

The goal is to bring this comic book anti-bullying program to more schools and other boroughs.