Queens residents say they're being left out in the cold by their landlord after their complaints about little or no heat have gone unanswered. NY1's Ruschell Boone has more.

For one Queens Village family, the worry of bringing home their newborn twins from the hospital has been escalated by the lack of gas and heat in their coop apartment.

The couple says they borrowed a space heater from a friend and bought heavy blankets for the babies after their complaints to the management company went unanswered. The children were born prematurely.

"I was told not to cover them a lot because they get overheated and it's scary because it's so cold in here like how else am I supposed to keep them warm," said Bibi Jaimani.

In the kitchen was the other problem.

They say they haven't had any gas since March. 

"I'm worried. I don't know what to do," Jaimani added. 

The Jaimanis live in the Hillside Gardens Owners Co-op Apartments in Queens Village where several residents said they were also facing the same problems. 

The owner of another apartment didn't want to go on camera, but showed NY1 a space heater in the room where her newborn baby was sleeping and the hotplate she uses for cooking. Others complained about the lack of gas.

"They gave us money towards a hot plate but you can't cook that much on a hot plate," said another coop resident.

The co-op which is run by Hillside Garden Owners has been cited several times by the city for a number of violations. When NY1 called the company a person who refused to give us his name said they are working on several of the building's issues but there needs to be an increase in the maintenance fees to get it done.

"People have to understand that certain things need a maintenance increase.  I can't authorize work if I don't have the money to pay for certain things," said the manager.

But when NY1 pushed him on the issue of little to no heat in Bibi Jaimani's apartment he said he would send a worker to fix the heaters which he did. The apartment was warm soon after that.  

As for the gas situation well we couldn't get a clear answer as to when that problem would be fixed.

For now, Jaimani and her husband are happy their babies are coming home to a warm apartment.