The FDNY's Safety Education Unit is out in full force after two huge fires in the Bronx.

Members spent the morning with New Yorkers at the East 180th Street Subway station in Van Nest.

They had plenty of advice to offer.

"If there's a fire in your apartment or in a room in your home, close the door, isolate the fire," said FDNY Lt. Anthony Mancuso. "If you're in a high-rise building, anything seven floors or more is fireproof. And you want to make sure that in those types of buildings, you keep your door closed, put something under the door to keep the smoke out, you stay by the window, open the window, call 911"

Twelve people were killed last week in Belmont after a fire caused by a toddler playing with the stove.

And 23 people were injured in another fire yesterday in Van Nest.

For more fire safety tips, visit the FDNY's fire safety and prevention website.