Governor Anrdew Cuomo is marking the end of the year by pardoning dozens of people around the state.

Cuomo has granted pardons and commutations to more than 60 people, 18 of them facing deporation or other immigration-related issues. 

Nearly 40 others committed non-violent crimes before they turned 18.

The governor pardoned a transgender Mexican woman who has been an advocate in her community for transgender and immigrant rights.

NY1 talked to the Queens resident about what she plans to do now.

"I feel free. I feel happy. My plan is continue to do my work. I try to do the best, better than before," she said.

Two Brooklyn men also had their sentences commuted.

The state says, the men have taken significant steps in rehabilitating themselves and are giving back to their communities.

The state says they both plan on returning to Brooklyn after they are released.