NEW YORK - Some staffing changes are underway at City Hall. 

During a news conference Thursday at City Hall, Mayor Bill de Blasio discussed the transitions. Among them, First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris is stepping down in early 2018. 

He was tapped by de Blasio shortly after winning his first term four years ago. 

"Both his intelligence and his substanant capacity and his managerial skills matter, but a tremendous understanding of this city and how it works and how it should work," De Blasio said.

"I've never worked though, in all those years, in any place that was so aligned with the values that I have and that we've shared for the first conversation. And as Bill said, it's true. We pinch ourselves constantly about how much we have been able to accomplish over the four years," Shorris siad.

Also leaving is Richard Buery, who is the Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives. 

He oversaw the rollout of universal pre-K. 

The mayor also announced his new chief of staff, Emma Wolfe, who is one of his closest and longest serving aides.