The Nets not only play in Brooklyn, the majority of the team lives there as well. Borough reporter Jeanine Ramirez caught up with one player who's quickly become a Brooklynite. 

Joe Harris says he loves to walk around Fort Greene to discover all that his new neighborhood has to offer. 

"I don't really get recognized a whole lot. I blend in pretty well," Harris said.

The 26-year-old, who grew up near Seattle, says he stands out only when he shows up at his workplace - Barclays Center. Harris is in his second season with the Brooklyn Nets and his second year as a Brooklynite. Last year he lived in Park Slope, both neighborhoods within walking distance of the arena.

"Now living in Brooklyn, practicing here, playing here you know there's really no reason to go in Manhattan. You can stay in Brooklyn and everything. And they have great restaurants, good nightlife. Everything is here in Brooklyn that you can possibly want," Harris said.

The Nets moved to Brooklyn from New Jersey five years ago. But it wasn't until the team's practice facility relocated from Jersey to Sunset Park that players relocated, too. 

Now 14 of the 15 Nets live here even in the off season. No other local professional sports teams is believed to have so many players call the city home. 

"There are probably four or five of us who all live within five blocks or so of each other like Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn area," Harris said.

Harris says after he left the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for Brooklyn, he also left behind his car. He says he either walks everywhere or hops on the train. 

"Sunset Park is a quick one stop for me on the D or the N. It's super easy. You kind of cut through Industry City almost to get to the practice facility so a lot of times I'll just kind of walk through the food hall that's over there," Harris said.

And Harris says being a foodie is easy in Brooklyn. His favorite pizza spot is Roberta's. He does grocery shopping at the Trader Joe's in City Point. And he loves the selection of dishes at Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. 

"I went a lot this summer. Just to go over there especially on Sundays," said Harris. "Just kind of walk 'round especially if I had people in town visiting. It's kind of a cool thing to show them."

So far this season, Harris is averaging more than 20 minutes and nearly 10 points a game.

The young Net making a smooth transition to Brooklyn both on and off the court.