A new exhibit is highlighting how Brooklynites of a feather flock together.

"Birding" is on display at Brooklyn Bridge Park's community room and gallery on Plymouth Street in DUMBO.

It's a mixed-media installation using photos, watercolor paintings and linoleum prints that attempts to document the more than 120 different species of bird that call the park home.

Artist Hillary Lorenz went bird-watching in the park for six months and created images of bird like Canadian gooses, mallards and seagulls with a hand-cranked printing press.

"The park is amazing, as if its built for the birds. There are sections like I was saying at the salt marsh that attracts a particular type of habitat of birds and other crayfish and sea animals. And then there's other areas where the foliage changes, you're going to finds different types of birds there, so depending on which pier you're at, what area of the park, you're gonna find birds there," Lorenz said.

"Birding" will be on display until the end of December.

For more information, visit brooklynbridgepark.org.