A 101-year-old Brooklyn woman can no longer go to synagogue—but thanks to some high-tech equipment, synagogue can now come to her.

Golda Seifer was able to watch Friday night services on a Kindle, and speak to members of the Bay Ridge Jewish Center via Skype.

Seifer says with many members of her family gone, she often feels alone.

The Jewish Center's rabbi says the synagogue is trying to reach out to the elderly and make them feel part of the community.

"I've been meeting with Golda for the last four years, and each time I come I get to learn more about her and her life and what her life was like back 100 years ago," says Rabbi Dina Rosenberg.

Friday night's service was the first time the synagogue tried to speak online with a member of the congregation. 

The rabbi says the goal is to expand the program to other members of the community.