BUFFALO, N.Y. — Yasir Soliman and his family won't soon forget what happened to them on April 22.

"It was a very difficult night,” Soliman said. “My whole family was burned and taken to the hospital."

He received a call from Lackawanna Police last month, notifying him that a man, Corey Green, had been arrested in connection to the fire that displaced his family. In all, 20 people in the four-unit apartment building on Ingham Avenue had to be assisted after the fire. 

Green, 20, was arrested after being stopped for a second time in the same day by Lackawanna Police. He was arraigned in Lackawanna Town Court Tuesday on four counts of first-degree arson after being indicted by a grand jury.

"We are extremely lucky that no one lost their lives," Erie County District Attorney, (D) John Flynn said.

Most got out safely. Flynn described the desperate actions Soliman’s brother Kahled and his wife Claudia took to save the children.

"He grabbed his four-year-old daughter and was hanging out of the apartment on a satellite dish," Flynn said.

Kahled would eventually jump. He's temporarily relying on a wheelchair.

Zainab is recovering from burns and a partially collapsed lung. Flynn says Claudia threw their 6-month-old out the window before collapsing and being rescued by fire crews . She spent weeks in a medically-induced coma at ECMC's burn unit. 

Their three-year-old son, Zaid, was pulled from the burning home and needed skin grafts from third-degree burns.

Green pleaded not guilty to the charges. If he is found guilty it could result in life behind bars. As to why he allegedly set the home on fire remains a mystery.