AUSTIN, Texas -- Gov. Greg Abbott cast his ballot early Tuesday, and with no serious challengers in the Republican primary, Abbott used the opportunity to lash out at Texas House Republican incumbents. 

"To let [voters] know exactly the challenges that I'm facing in dealing with these representatives," Abbott said Tuesdsay outside an early voting location in South Austin. 

One of those in the crosshairs is Republican Rep. Lyle Larson of San Antonio. Gov. Abbott released a new campaign ad Tuesday, urging voters to "say no to liberal Lyle."

Rep. Larson shot back on Twitter shortly after Tuesday's attack ad went out, Larson Tweeted that he voted to ban sanctuary cities and voted for property tax reform, contrary to claims made in the ad. 

Gov. Abbott also continued his attacks on Republican Rep. Sarah Davis on Tuesday. 

"She is clearly the farthest to the left state representative in the state of Texas," Abbott said. 

The governor also dismissed concerns his efforts could cause Davis' swing district to flip to a Democrat in November.  

"The district is blue already," Abbott said. "Sarah Davis really has been acting like a Democrat. What she really should do is come out and admit she is a Democrat and run as a Democrat." 

After voting, Gov. Abbott headed to Houston to campaign for Davis' challenger: Susanna Dokupil.