On Wednesday morning, the mayor and the speaker of the City Council made a big announcement. 

"We announce today a plan that we have agreed upon with the City Council to move four sites for new jail facilities," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

"We are undertaking this effort together," City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said.

The expansion and opening of these new jails would allow the city to shut down Rikers Island, which the mayor has promised to do. The Council has to approve the mayor's proposal. 

But by Thursday afternoon, it seemed like that agreement was already unraveling. The speaker of the city council walked one site back.

"I am committed to facilities in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan," Johnson said. "We are not wedded to an individual location. If there is a better location i am happy to have that conversation."

Those comments came because of opposition to the proposed site in the Bronx. Right now, it's an NYPD tow yard in the South Bronx. The mayor wants it to be a jail.

"I think there is a strong sentiment that we have been disrespected in that we have not been reached out to, and that this is not the best site," said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

The Bronx borough president told NY1 he barely got a heads up about the mayor's announcement. He was told about it the night before. 

"Not one single Bronx resident was contacted to or spoken to," Diaz said.

Hours later, the councilwoman who represents the area said she was willing to look at other locations as well. 

When asked if she would be open to other sites, City Councilwoman Diana Ayala said, "I would be. I would be. I dont know if we have any, but that's what part of the conversation is."

The neighboring councilman, Rafael Salamanca, whose district is just down the block, also expressed opposition. 

"Right now, I am going to push the envelope and challenge this, because this location is a very challenging location," he said.

The de Blasio administration does not appear to be backing down. The mayor's press secretary sent us a statement, saying, "The Mayor has been clear. We have the right location in the Bronx and we’re moving forward."