Just like these trains, the New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train Show is chugging into its 28th year delighting kids of all ages.

"I can't wait to see it filled with people, because it makes people so happy," said Carrie Barratt, President and CEO of the New York Botanical Garden.

But the holiday tradition featuring 25 trains and trolleys along a half mile of track, rolling past beautifully crafted re-creations of New York landmarks made from natural materials, had to switch tracks, so to speak.

From the historic Haupt Conservatory, where the iconic palm dome is undergoing restoration, to a pavilion placed next door. It was a challenge for the garden and Laura Busse Dolan, of Applied Imagination, the firm that creates the structures; it's her first year heading up the company founded by her Dad Paul, who has retired.

"For me it was an opportunity to showcase these gorgeous works of art that are these models in an entirely new way," said Laura Busse Dolan, President and CEO of Applied Imagination.

The show pays special tribute to Central Park, with new and revamped versions of Bethesda terrace and the bandstand, made from plant parts, pine cones, berries, and twigs.

Moving out of the conservatory also gave Busse Dolan a chance to try some new types of greenery to accent the trains and models.

"When you are in a warm conservatory environment, you kind of have to use plants that thrive in that environment. Out here we are able to use kinda more wintry holiday-esque conifers and hollies and mosses and birches that I think really fit the kind of holiday theme," said Busse Dolan.

Each structure takes three to 600 hours to complete. The team from Applied Imagination spent two and a half weeks putting it all together here - Yankee Stadium gets a visit from Thomas the Tank Engine.

The Statue of Liberty looks great after a little makeover, even my son Jack's favorite, the little ladybug trolley is back.

The holiday train show at the New York botanical garden runs through January 26th and you can come to see the trains, by train. Metro North railroad stops right across the street.

To find out more head to NYBG.org.