BRONX, N.Y. - The Fordham University community is grieving for one of their own, remembering senior Sydney Monfries after a campus stunt that turned deadly over the weekend.

"It's really sad especially knowing she was a senior, like she was so close to graduating," said one Fordham student.

Police say the 22-year-old was with a group of friends who snuck into the clock tower inside Keating Hall around 3 a.m. Sunday, part of what students say is a beloved tradition before graduation.


"I've heard people say like, oh I've been up there with a few friends. this is the way you go about it," said one Fordham student.

"It's usually unlocked at night. You go up there and when you're a senior, everyone wants to go up there for sunrise or just to check it out," said another Fordham student.

But on the climb up, police say Monfries slipped and fell roughly 40 feet. The journalism major was rushed to Saint Barnabas Hospital, but couldn't be saved.

"She was a very sweet lady and it's really sad that she passed," said one Fordham student.

Students gathered for a private mass on the Rose Hill campus Sunday evening, remembering a young woman with everything to live for. 

A statement released by Fordham said, "University officials are investigating how the students gained access to the tower." 

"Hopefully, it would never happen again because there would be additional security around the clock tower," said one parent.

The investigation into the fall is ongoing. In the meantime, university officials say they will confirm Monfries' bachelor's degree posthumously. It will be given to her parents.