Letisha Clark says for nearly a week, water has been pouring from the pipes in her bathroom. 

Water is also dripping behind the walls, collecting on light fixtures and rising through cracks in the floor. 

"They need to fix this. I have kids here. This is a fire hazard. My lights turn off because the water is leaking in between my lights," Clark said.

The leak affects several apartments at the Pelham Parkway Houses in the Bronx. The bathroom in 3C, for example, looks more like a swimming pool. 

Tenants say they've repeatedly complained to the city's housing authority. 

Iris Rosario says NYCHA is so unresponsive, she's repeatedly used her own money to pay for repairs to her apartment. She is worried the leak will damage everything she's worked for. 

"I want to be able to go into my shower, take a shower without being scared that I have to look up before the water comes down on me again. And that's dirty water," Rosario said.

After this story on the leak originally aired Thursday night on NY1 Live at Ten, NYCHA told NY1 on Friday that it is making repairs to the leaking pipes at the Pelham Parkway Houses.