A running trail in a Staten Island Park is getting a 1.9 million dollar facelift.

New York City Parks held a ground breaking ceremony for the 5-K running trail at Clove Lakes Park Thursday.

The project will include adding markers to help runners navigate the trails. The draining system in the park will be improved as well.

The project has been funded by Borough President James Oddo and the mayor's offices.

Runners we spoke with who often visit this park say they have been pushing for the renovations.

"The Clove Lakes is kind of like the diamond of the parks on Staten Island. All runners come at some point in time at Clove Lakes. Clove Lakes has been overgrown for really decades," said Bill Allert President, Staten Island Track Running and Community.

Some parts of the trail will be closed during construction. All of the renovations are expected to be complete by 2020.