The warm weather encouraged people to ride their bikes and one community group wanted to make sure people in the Bronx were prepared.

The group Uptown & Boogie Bicycle Advocacy hosted a bike maintenance event at Mullaly Park Saturday.

Volunteers set up a mobile bike shop to help riders tune up and show them how to make necessary repairs to their bikes.

"Road conditions, it could blow out your tires or glass is on the road, nail is on the road there is many conditions that can happen on the road so the fact that you can understand how to fix it is very important," said Judi Desire, Founder, Uptown & Boogie Bicycle Advocacy.

Before heading out this new cycling season, the group advises that you remember what's called the "ABC Quick Check." The acronym stands for air, breaks and chain and reminds you to check the air in your tires, your breaks and the bike's chain before taking it out for a ride.