GREENSBORO -- With the frigid temperatures, people are looking for any way to keep warm, especially in a chilly house. Space heaters at many local hardware stores are quickly selling out.

Between aisles 15 and 16 at McKnight Hardware in Greensboro, only nine space heaters are left on the shelves.

"It is really cold out there and the people are just coming in looking for anything they can find in order to stay warm, trying to keep their pipes from freezing, keeping the cold air coming in through their windows," said Harold Lewis, McKnight Hardware’s merchandise manager.

Lewis says their shelves might go completely bare since placing orders is tough right now.

"Unfortunately, the holidays have set us into a position now that the supply houses are just getting back open again and we're placing orders. Hopefully, within the next week or so we will be back up to snuff on having heaters and being ready to go hopefully before the next cold snap," said Lewis.

And at Lowe's Home Improvement, shelves are practically bare. They put an extra order in to get product within the next couple of days but they say, that can be tough since the whole East Coast is experiencing these frigid temperatures.

"It is difficult because they try to ration per territory. So everybody gets a little bit, but we try to get our order in as soon as possible," said Raymond Cornine, Lowe's Home Improvement’s assistant store manager.

In the meantime, if customers come in looking for a heater and they don't have one, they can make a call and hope another store can help.

"We're actually checking all of our locations within our region so we can direct them to the appropriate places to get those," said Cornine.

At this point, an extra blanket might help until stores can restock their shelves.