SAN ANTONIO — About a dozen immigrants were found in a tractor-trailer parked on the city's East Side on Dec. 23, according to a San Antonio police report.

The responding officer was approached by a witness while performing a routine traffic stop in the 3400 block of Copeland. That witness stated that there was a trailer with some individuals in it nearby, and got in their car to lead the officer to the trailer's location — Splashtown San Antonio.

When approaching the scene, the officer noticed that one of the doors from the trailer was wide open. The officer stated that as they got closer, they noticed several individuals sitting down inside the trailer, on both sides.

The suspect, Herbert Alan Nichols, age 58, was seen pacing around. When questioned by the officer, he said he was "transferring some merchandise."

When asked if the trailer was his, Nichols said he might have grabbed the wrong trailer and stated that his dispatcher was trying to figure it out.

All witnesses were asked if they needed EMS, and after refusing, they and Nichols were transported to the police station for questioning.

Once there, Nichols confessed to picking up the immigrants from a warehouse in Laredo. All of the immigrants stated that they were placed in the trailer. 

Homeland Security was contacted and the immigrants were released.

Nichols was transported to San Anontio Municipal Court and charged with Smuggling of Persons. 

This is a developing story. Stay with Spectrum News for updates as they become available.  


This news comes not long after 39 people — 10 who died and 30 who survived — were found inside a trailer in a San Antonio Walmart in July of 2017