DALLAS — An autopsy report shows a 3-year-old girl whose body was found in a culvert near her suburban Dallas home died from "homicidal violence."

Sherin Mathews, who was adopted in 2016 from an orphanage in India, had been missing for two weeks before her body was found in Richardson on Oct. 24.

Steven Kurtz with the Dallas County medical examiner's office said Wednesday that Sherin was a victim of homicide, but that he couldn't provide any other details at this point.

Sherin's father, Wesley Mathews, told investigators that Sherin choked to death on her milk. He is charged with felony injury to a child.

A Richardson police detective testified that Wesley told officers that he was force-feeding Sherin, who was underweight, with milk from a bottle in the pre-dawn hours of Oct. 7 when she choked. Mathews said he held his daughter as she died, then placed her body in the back of his car with a bag of garbage, drove to a shopping center where he disposed of the garbage, then to a culvert where he hid her body. Her body was found there two weeks later.

Her mother, Sini Mathews, is charged with child abandonment. CPS investigator Kelly Mitchell testified that Sini was "eerily calm" when her biological child was removed from her custody and showed no anger toward her husband when he returned from jail.

Richardson police have released few details of their investigation.