If your name is Olivia or Liam, you certainly are not alone. 

Those are the top girl and boy names of 2016 for the city, according to health officials.

Olivia was the top girl name for the second year in a row, with more than 560 baby girls receiving that name.

The rest of the top five are Sophia, Emma, Isabella and Mia.

Liam climbed from second place to first for the boys, with more than 700 babies last year.

Liam is followed by Jacob, Ethan, Noah and Aiden.

The city says the overall birth rate last year went down about one percent.

A little more than 120,000 newborns came into the world in those 12 months.

Brooklyn had the highest birth rate with more than 40,000 births recorded in the borough.

Queens was a distant second, while the Bronx came in third.