The NYPD celebrates the graduation of hundreds of recruits from the police academy.

For the 480 newest members of the police department, graduation day is a proud day.

But for one family in particular, it's a legacy inspired by the heroic actions of their father on September 11, which led two sons to follow in his footsteps.

"That great story definitely pushed me to become a police officer. I could've chose numerous other jobs, but it was in my heart. It's in my blood to serve and protect the people of New York City," said NYPD officer Bryan Strauss.

"It's a proud day. I'm very proud of them, concerned, but very proud of them. They're great young men, and they're hopefully going to have a great, successful career," said retired NYPD detective Scott Strauss.

For many of the new officers, their careers will begin this New Year's Eve in Times Square.