Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña plans to announce her retirement Thursday, sources tell NY1.

Sources say she will retire within the next few months.

Fariña, 74, has overseen the largest schools system in the United States for the past four years, and had spent decades in the city education department as a teacher, an assistant principal, principal, superintendent, and deputy chancellor.

She was not expected to stay on for a second term, but it is not clear who will be her replacement.

Fariña came out of retirement when Mayor Bill de Blasio convinced her to become his schools chancellor.

During her time as de Blasio's schools chancellor, she oversaw the public school system start universal pre-kindergarten.

A schools advocacy group, StudentFirstNY, released a statement saying, "Chancellor Carmen Farina has dedicated her career to public service, and no one can question that she has fought tirelessly for what she believes in. However, after four years of Mayor Bill de Blasio's control of public schools, far too many low-income students remain trapped in struggling schools. We hope that the next Chancellor will push the Mayor to embrace evidence-based policies and parental choice."