A local community group and hairstylists are planning to head to Puerto Rico to provide free haircuts to the people who are still struggling after Hurricane Maria devastated the island nation.

"It's important to feel good about yourself going into the holiday season. We just had Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming up, Hanukkah is coming — all the holidays are coming up," hairstylist Alex Budai said. "We need to do something to make them feel better."

Local community group The Bronx Rox has teamed up with a group of hairstylists from the city and Los Angeles.

A group of six stylists are slated to visit shelters, schools, and churches in Puerto Rico to give free haircuts, in addition to bringing other supplies like food and clothing.

Stylists said haircuts may not be a priority for Puerto Ricans given that about 50 percent of the island is still without power.

The group has started a joint GoFundMe campaign to raise $5,000 for the trip. If you would like to donate, visit gofundme.com/hairstylistsforpuertorico