There was a sea of slime in Manhattan on Saturday, as a young entrepreneur and a crew of kids set a Guinness World Record by creating more than 13,000 pounds of slime.

The group made 13,820 pounds of slime at the Javits Center, pouring gallons of glue — one of the components of slime — into a giant tub, jumping in, and mixing it all together with glitter.

The mastermind behind the effort created her own sparkly glue that was used Saturday.

"I couldn't just have a glue company; I was competing against Elmer's and CRA-Z-Art," said Madison Greenspan, a glue entrepreneur. "So I needed to make mine different, so we added a gallon of clear glue, which no other company has besides mine."

"The point of the companies coming here is about creating a delightful experience," said Marian Bossard of the Toy Association. "Yes, there's sometimes product connected to it, but it's about the fun, bringing the product to life, making it more than just an object in their hand."

This was all done as part of the second annual Play Fair, which brings more than 70 toy companies and thousands of kids together for a stated aim of providing children a chance to play with new toys before they hit the shelves for the holiday season.

Play Fair runs until 7 p.m. Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday. For more information, visit